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Desert Camp in Jaisalmer

Rajwada Desert Camp

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Desert Camp in Jaisalmer, where opulence seamlessly intertwines with the raw beauty of the desert landscape. Our primary objective is to immerse you in an unparalleled experience at our Desert Camp in Jaisalmer. With a commitment to exceptional service and top-notch facilities, we assure you that your stay with us will transcend the ordinary.

Situated in the heart of the desert, our Swiss tent in Jaisalmer redefine the concept of luxury, offering a perfect fusion of comfort and elegance. Whether you opt for our spacious tents or the well-appointed resort, every facet of your accommodation is meticulously designed to cater to your utmost comfort and satisfaction. At the core of our philosophy lies the idea of providing a royal experience, allowing you to relish the taste of Rajasthan’s rich culture and tradition. Rajwada Desert Camp stands as a symbol of regality, inviting you to treat this place as your own abode amid the magnificent architecture of a bygone era.

Desert Camp in Jaisalmer - Rajwada Desert Camp is recognized as one of the best in the region. For bookings or inquiries about our distinctive Desert Camp in Jaisalmer, reach out to us at 9782705705. Our camp boasts a unique ambiance complemented by modern amenities. The ceiling domes across the camp feature a refined palette of hand-painted works by local craftsmen, showcasing delicate hues in pale greens, blues, floral tones, and golds.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Desert Camp in Jaisalmer by indulging in a myriad of activities. From camel safaris that traverse deep into the golden dunes to exhilarating dune bashing adventures, our camp caters to the diverse interests of every guest. As the sun sets over the vast expanse of the desert, witness a mesmerizing display, and as night falls, be captivated by the enchanting starry sky above.

Our Desert Camp in Jaisalmer goes beyond providing accommodation and activities; it's about delivering exceptional service. The dedicated team at Rajwada Desert Camp ensures that every guest feels welcomed and pampered throughout their stay. From attending to requests to addressing inquiries promptly, our commitment is to make your experience nothing short of perfection at our Desert Camp in Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer, renowned as the Golden City, offers a destination like no other. Dive into the rich history and cultural heritage of this majestic city, from the imposing Jaisalmer Fort to the intricately carved havelis that adorn the narrow streets. Immerse yourself in local traditions and savor the bold flavors and unique spices of Rajasthani cuisine during your stay at our Desert Camp in Jaisalmer.

In the realm of Desert Camps in Jaisalmer, Rajwada Desert Camp stands as a true gem. We invite you to experience the magic of the desert, surrounded by comfort, elegance, and impeccable service at our Desert Camp in Jaisalmer. Every detail at our camp has been carefully curated to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Come and create cherished memories that will linger in your heart for a lifetime at our Desert Camp in Jaisalmer..

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Explore Our Tents

If you are seeking a Luxury Tent in Jaisalmer, you've come to the perfect destination. Rajwada Desert Camp presents an exquisite collection of 20 luxury tents in Jaisalmer. Each tent is meticulously crafted by hand, utilizing natural and local materials. Our guests delight in picturesque views of the dunes from their tent windows. Experience accommodation like royalty with Maharana-style bedrooms, modern washrooms, and a private verandah sitting space attached to every Luxury Tent in Jaisalmer.

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Featured Amenities

Desert Camp in Jaisalmer


Desert Camp in Jaisalmer


Desert Camp in Jaisalmer


Desert Camp in Jaisalmer


Desert Camp in Jaisalmer


Desert Camp in Jaisalmer


Desert Camp in Jaisalmer


Desert Camp in Jaisalmer


Unique Experiences at Rajwada Desert Camp in Jaisalmer

Experience the true pleasure of camping in Jaisalmer with Rajwada Desert Camp. Our Jaisalmer camp packages encompass the allure of history, culture, and traditions of the Rajput state. If you're seeking a break from the mundane and yearn for a journey that is steeped in history, offers cultural immersion, soul-stirring dance performances, delectable cuisine, and soulful music, then camping in Jaisalmer should be at the top of your travel bucket list.

Luxury and Comfort in the Rajwada Desert Camp in Jaisalmer

At Rajwada Desert Camp, we offer you the opportunity to explore the world of kings and queens without compromising on the luxury and comforts of a modern hotel. Desert Camp in Jaisalmer, with its breathtaking beauty and unforgettable moments, will leave you enchanted forever. Looking for a desert camp in Jaisalmer? Look no further than Rajwada Desert Camp, a renowned and award-winning luxury desert camp located just 40km from Jaisalmer. Experience the privacy and tranquility of our private dunes, where you can bask in the serene beauty of the surroundings.

Rajwada Desert Camp Jasailmer offers an unparalleled experience where peace, serenity, delight, and satisfaction are paramount. Our campsite is located in a serene spot, far from the hustle and bustle, ensuring a serene and undisturbed environment. It's just you, embraced by the tranquil beauty of the dunes, where worries and troubles are left behind.

Indulge in the luxury of Rajwada Desert Camp in Jaisalmer, where every aspect of your stay has been thoughtfully curated to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Come and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing charm of Jaisalmer, where history, culture, and natural beauty combine to create a truly magical desert camping experience.

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1Which desert camp is better in Jaisalmer?
Rajwada Desert camp is undoubtedly one of the finest desert camp in Jaisalmer, offering an exceptional luxury experience in the heart of the Thar Desert. Nestled amidst the golden sand dunes, this camp provides a captivating blend of comfort, traditional charm, and impeccable hospitality. The camp boasts well-appointed tents with lavish interiors, featuring modern amenities and elegant decor that reflect the royal Rajasthani heritage. Guests can relish delectable Rajasthani cuisine at the on-site restaurant and enjoy cultural performances under the starry desert sky. The camp also arranges thrilling activities like camel rides, jeep safaris, and bonfire evenings, ensuring an unforgettable desert adventure. Rajwada Desert camp truly exemplifies the epitome of luxury in the enchanting desert of Jaisalmer.
2What is the price of desert camping in Jaisalmer?
The price of desert camping in Jaisalmer varies depending on the type of camp, facilities provided, and the season. However, for a luxury desert camp experience in Jaisalmer, the prices typically range from ₹529 to ₹51080 per night. It's important to note that these prices are subject to change and may vary among different camps. Among the options available, Rajwada Desert camp stands out as one of the best in Jaisalmer. With its impeccable luxury amenities, exceptional service, and stunning location amidst the golden sand dunes, Rajwada Desert camp offers an unforgettable experience that truly captures the essence of Jaisalmer's desert charm.
3Is it worth staying in a desert in Jaisalmer?
Staying in a desert camp in Jaisalmer is an extraordinary and worthwhile experience. It allows you to immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of the Thar Desert and embrace the serenity and grandeur of the surroundings. The desert camps provide a perfect blend of luxury and rustic charm, offering comfortable accommodations and a range of amenities. Among the top desert camps in Jaisalmer, Rajwada Desert camp stands out as one of the finest. With its luxurious tents, elegant interiors, warm hospitality, and a plethora of activities such as camel safaris, cultural performances, and bonfire evenings, Rajwada Desert camp ensures an unforgettable and magical stay in the desert city of Jaisalmer.
4Is desert safari safe in Jaisalmer?
Desert safaris in Jaisalmer are generally safe when conducted with reputable and licensed operators. These operators prioritize the safety of their guests and adhere to necessary precautions and guidelines. However, it's crucial to choose a reliable desert camp like Rajwada Desert camp, known for its commitment to safety and exceptional service. With its excellent track record and focus on guest well-being, Rajwada Desert camp ensures a safe and enjoyable experience. They maintain high standards of safety protocols, including trained guides, well-maintained equipment, and proper briefing sessions. Guests can have peace of mind knowing that Rajwada Desert camp prioritizes their safety while providing a luxurious and memorable desert camping experience in Jaisalmer.
5Which month is best for Jaisalmer?
The best time to visit Jaisalmer is during the winter months, from October to February, when the weather is pleasant and comfortable for exploring the city and enjoying desert activities. The scorching heat of the summer months can make it challenging to fully appreciate the beauty of Jaisalmer and the Thar Desert. During the winter season, Rajwada Desert camp stands out as one of the best desert camps in Jaisalmer. With its luxurious accommodations, warm hospitality, and a range of activities like camel rides, cultural performances, and bonfire evenings, Rajwada Desert camp provides an exceptional desert camping experience that perfectly complements the favorable weather conditions in Jaisalmer during this time.
6What is Jaisalmer famous for?
Jaisalmer, often referred to as the "Golden City," is famous for its rich history, stunning architecture, and its location amidst the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, India. The city is renowned for its magnificent Jaisalmer Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its intricate carvings and breathtaking views. Jaisalmer is also famous for its havelis (traditional mansions), such as Patwon Ki Haveli and Salim Singh Ki Haveli, which showcase exquisite Rajasthani craftsmanship. Additionally, Jaisalmer is known for its vibrant cultural heritage, showcasing folk music, dance, and traditional Rajasthani cuisine. Amidst this, Rajwada Desert camp stands out as one of the best desert camps in Jaisalmer, offering a luxurious and immersive experience in the heart of the desert. With its opulent accommodations, warm hospitality, and a range of activities, Rajwada Desert camp complements the fame of Jaisalmer by providing a truly remarkable desert camping experience.
7How to Book Desert Camp in Jaisalmer
To book a desert camp in Jaisalmer, follow these simple steps: 1. Online Platforms: Utilize popular travel websites like online Platforms for convenient bookings. 2. Official Website: Visit the official website of [Rajwada Desert Camp](https://rajwadadesertcamp.com/) for direct reservations, ensuring accuracy and the best deals. 3. Reviews: Check platforms like [TripAdvisor] for customer reviews of Rajwada Desert Camp one of the best Desert Camp in Jaisalmer to make an informed decision. Rajwada Desert Camp stands out as an excellent choice for desert camp booking in Jaisalmer. With a prime location in Sam's Sand Dunes, it offers a unique experience of the desert. The camp is featured on various platforms, attesting to its popularity and positive reviews. Booking through reputable websites ensures a seamless reservation process, and the official website provides direct access to exclusive offers and details about the camp's amenities.
8Which is the best desert camp in Jaisalmer?
Rajwada Desert Camp in Jaisalmer stands out as an excellent choice for a desert camp. It has garnered positive reviews for its prime location in Sam's Sand Dunes, offering a unique and memorable experience. Guests have praised its luxurious amenities, cultural performances, and the overall desert ambiance. The positive feedback on various travel platforms like Rajwada Desert Camp as a top-rated option.
9Where to stay in Jaisalmer desert?
For an unforgettable stay in the Jaisalmer desert, Rajwada Desert Camp is highly recommended. Its location in Sam's Sand Dunes provides an authentic desert experience, and the camp offers a perfect blend of luxury and cultural immersion. Reviews on travel platforms praise its hospitality, comfortable accommodations, and the mesmerizing desert surroundings, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a memorable desert stay.
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